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Five Innovative Ways To Find Hourly Staff For Your Business

Business owners and entrepreneurs often find it difficult to find efficient workers who are ready to work on an hourly basis. Hourly workers play a key role in boosting the United States economy. Approximately 59 percent of the total workforce, which comes to around 78 million people, are hourly workers. Now that’s quite a good figure. Hiring them can prove to be a tough task. Hourly workers who are employed by bars, restaurants, stores, and a number of other local business tend to change jobs on a regular basis, pushing their employers into a challenging situation. The turnover of these workers happens to be one of the biggest workforce hassles in the industry today. Here below are some techniques and strategies if you want to hire hourly workers.

Post On and Craigslist Each Day Early Morning

Online job postings on job sites like and Craigslist are some of the best ways to get in touch with  hourly workers. But you need to be persistent and need to post these same job ads each and every morning if want your posting to make an entry at the top of these job sites. Apart from that, it’s absolutely necessary to make the postings look alluring. You need to highlight the flexible working hours, the monetary compensation, and the strong culture that your company follows. You need to show how different you are from other employers who are also aiming to hire. Take it as a challenge in order to stand apart from the crowd.

Share Your Post On Other Social Networking Sites

There are several social networking sites and closed communities where you will come across loads of people who are on the lookout for a job. For instance, there are several Facebook groups which address each and every sector, industry, or local city. Facebook users offer their support and valuable advice to the job seekers there. Via such trusted networks, you can reach out to the potential hourly workers. They will respond to your posts and messages, and you get the opportunity to communicate with them privately.

Launch An Employee Referral Program

Referrals do work in all industries and sectors – it’s true. Entrepreneurs and business owners can generate an incentive scheme which awards a number of rewards or a cash bonus for successful referrals to employees. Whenever you are hiring a new hourly worker, ask them for two to three names that can be taken into consideration to join the team. This will play quite a huge role in helping create leverage and getting in contact with a number of hourly workers who have a background that resembles exactly what you want.

Organize A Job Fair

Organizing a job fair or an event is indeed a fantastic idea! Provide free company products, tea, coffee, and food to the candidates who arrive at the job fair you are hosting. This will aid the potential hourly workers to reach out to you in person and get to know thoroughly all about your brand, your work culture, and of course, your products. Aside from that, one of the most important things you need to execute in order to successfully host a job fair is to assemble an internal database of all the applicants. Get ready to host career fairs and similar events and send out notifications to all the potential candidates who might be interested in turning up.

Advertise In Magazines And Local Newspapers

Notifying the potential hourly workers through offline channels can prove to be extremely effective. Magazines and local newspapers have a wide reach, and there is every possibility that you can come into contact with the job applicants who are interested in hourly work. Look out for such media that are widely distributed among different languages, communities, and ethnic groups. Your access will be further broadened into more communities than you expected.

Hiring hourly workers is practically cumbersome, challenging, and arduous. But, you should also keep in mind that this particular section of employees is playing a key role in taking companies forward. As a matter of fact, these workers are the lifeline of companies that are boosting the country’s economy today. Thus, it becomes really important to get a detailed knowledge of the techniques required to connect and communicate with them.

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