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The Meg Splashed the Box Office With An Astounding $45.3 Million U.S. Debut!

The Meg’s debut last weekend marks the Warner Bros‘ biggest domestic opening of the year so far, earning $45.5 million in the United States while garnering $96.8 million in the international theaters, totaling an astounding $141.3 million global bite!

The Blockbuster Success

Warner Bros’ The Meg lives and even blew past all the expectations as the movie debut in North America last weekend in over 4,118 theaters. The said movie hails as the biggest live-action shark pic opening of all time, riding its huge success together with The Shallow (2016) and 47 Meters Down (2017). The movie also surpassed Ocean’s eight ($41.6 million) and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One ($41.8 million), making it the year’s biggest movie opening to date.

Image Caption: Jon Turteltaub directed the blockbuster shark movie The Meg.

The Meg also performed well in the international screenings too. According to China’s Gravity Pictures, which is one of the main distributors in the Middle Kingdom, the Meg debuted in China for an astounding $50.3 million out of the global $96.8 million earnings. While Imax turned in $13.6 million with half of its profit coming from China (at $7 million and counting). The said grossing film earning has been a good news for Warner Bros and Gravity, which contributed at least $150 million to produce the film.

The Plot and Cast

Warner told the distribution president Jeff Goldstein how the double tracking of The Meg was extraordinary.

The Meg follows the story of a group of scientists trying to prevent a mammoth shark from causing destruction. The movie opened an astounding $20 million last weekend despite receiving a rated B+ CinemaScore. Cliff Curtis, Li Bingbing, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, and Winston Chao co-star in the said movie and it attracted more than 52% male audience with 70% of them over 25 years of age.

The movie also recorded an astounding number of Hispanic audiences in top-grossing theaters heavily located in Latino markets. In fact, the top-grossing theater for the United States was in San Antonio, while other big cinemas like Corpus Christi, Miami, Phoenix, and Texas also recorded big earnings for the Meg last weekend according to Goldstein. He also added how you didn’t see these cities making in the top 20 list for top-grossing theaters nationwide.

Breaking Records

Steven Spielberg made history last 1975 for directing a classic shark movie entitled the Jaws, which currently remains as the top-grossing live-action shark film in the country. The Shallows revived the genre when it earned a grossing $119 million globally despite its tight film production budget of only $25 million in 2016.

Meanwhile, the 47 Meters Down which debuted last Summer garnered an astounding $44.3 million against $5.5 million budget. The Shallows debuted with gross earnings of $16.8 million domestically while 47 Meters Down opened with only $11.2 million. The title holder for the biggest debut opening for a shark pic was Deep Blue Sea in 1995 which garnered an astounding $19.1 million, not adjusted for inflation.

The Meg became the most ambitious live-action shark film of all time with a huge budget that has become a blockbuster success so far.

Since its debut last week, The Meg easily has claimed the No.1 spot, while Mission: Impossible – Fallout fell to the next spot in its third week with over $20 million from 3,888 theaters, grossing a domestic total of over $162 million for Paramount and Skydance.

Disney’s holdover Christopher Robin lands on the third spot in its second week with $12.4 million domestic gross earning, contributing to a $50 million domestic tally and $62.1 million global gross earning. Several other movies also performed well last weekend opposite the Meg. Screen Gem’s low budget supernatural horror film Slender Man landed on the 4th spot with $11.3 million earnings from over 2,358 theaters.

The said film follows the story of a group of friends fascinated by an internet lore of a boogeyman named Slender Man. Lastly, Spike Lee’s high-profile Cannes Film entry entitled BlacKkKlansman landed on the fifth spot with $10.8 million gross earnings in over 1,512 theaters nationwide.

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