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Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Price Tag Revealed: You Won’t Believe How Much It Cost!

Samsung fans all over the world have been anticipating the release of its new flagship Android device: The Galaxy Note 9. While the company has been generous enough to share some details about the hyped Android device, they remained tight-lipped about its price. However, the company has accidentally leaked its astounding price that leaves Samsung fans speechless in disbelief.

The Unbelievable Price!

Roland Quandt of WinFuture reveals in a series of mindblowing tweets that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the most expensive Smartphone the company has ever released. Not only that, but Quandt was quoted as saying this will be by far the most expensive smartphone ever sold in the mass-market!

Quandt reveals that the said Android Smartphone will cost around 899 British Pounds (or around $1,165) for the 128GB entry-level model, and an astounding 1,099 Pounds ($1,420) for its massive 512GB edition! If the prices are true, then this means that fans should expect that Galaxy Note 9’s launching price will range from $1,000-$1,200! That’s around $50 higher than Apple’s current flagship iPhone X!

When it comes to Smartphones, UK’s pricing (which often includes sales tax) serves as a basis for mapping the US prices for the past few years.

Despite its expensive price tags, most Samsung fans are likely to end up buying the Galaxy Note 9 due to its bigger storage capacity. Apple’s iPhone X currently offers 64GB and 256GB options while the Galaxy Note 8 only released with 64GB storage capacity in the U.S. Most Samsung fans would prefer spending a little more money to buy Galaxy Note 9’s 512GB-compatible built-in microSD card compared to the 64GB version which cost around $900. Suffice to say, Samsung really plans to go all-out in upgrading its size, features, and storage capacity as this will be the last Galaxy Note edition the company plans to release.

Galaxy Note 9’s Notable Features shares an early review of the notable features and specifications Samsung fans should expect on Galaxy Note 9 and why Samsung hails it as the smartest Note phone ever.

Bluetooth S Pen Magic Tricks

Galaxy Note 9’s star feature, the Bluetooth S Pen, is now back with a bang as it enhances its capability of executing commands and magic tricks up to 30 feet away! According to the website, Samsung has managed to incorporate a tiny Bluetooth Low-Energy antenna to enhance its capability to perform various remote functions such as:

  1. Flipping the Camera to take a Photo.
  2. Flipping the Camera to record a Video.
  3. Play, Pause or Skip a track in the music player.

The Blue Ocean Note 9 features a dynamic yellow S Pen with the same color in digital ink while the Lavender Purple variation will also have a purple pen. All S Pens support the air command functionality where the owner can jot down notes, draw, annotate screenshots, send live messages, and even helps translate the foreign text for easy decryption.

The First-ever 1TB-Ready Smartphone

For the first time in the smartphone world, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an astounding 512GB internal storage with additional 512GB microSD card which lets you store 1TB of memory and carry it wherever you go!

Not only does this rival the other high-end Smartphones out there, but it also rivals most high-end laptops people buy today. Aside from that, Samsung hails in producing 512GB flash drives and microSD cards, so there’s really no surprise for the company to adopt these features on their phones soon.

Image Caption: Samsung says their fans don’t need to uninstall apps or delete files they’ve downloaded anymore.

Samsung offers their loyal fans the ability to never run out of physical storage space.

They can take all the photos in HD resolutions and 4k videos as much as they want without compromising their storage space. Aside from that, Note 9 also has 8GB of RAM which makes it ideal for Samsung’s Dex desktop mode, virtualization software, and second screen workflows. Furthermore, Dex is highly compatible and easy to use on Galaxy Note 9 compared to its predecessor.

The 4,000mAh battery

Samsung also unveils its largest 4,000mAH battery ever to ensure its fans will have a seamless browsing experience for a day or two without any charging interruptions. The company also assures the public its batteries won’t cause fire hazards anymore following the Note 7 recall two years ago.

Furthermore, Samsung Note users can decide whether to get Fast Charging or Fast Wireless Charging options to charge their phones.

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