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Find Yourself Procrastinating A Lot? Try These Five Cures Now!

There is hardly anyone out there who hasn’t ever been a victim to procrastination — after all, we are only human! New research indicates that it has a lot to do with negative emotions rather than solely blaming it on poor time management. Apart from that, some people work best under pressure, so they leave things the last minute and get them done within that short time frame, but they don’t realize how much stress they are actually causing themselves. Negative thoughts make us unproductive, compelling us to do things we want to do rather than what we need to do. Instead of applying for that job you have been eyeing for days, you end up scrolling through your Facebook feed. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we have all been there. For this reason, time management tools do not often work well for procrastinators. So what works? Keep reading to find out!

Find Out What’s Bothering You

The first thing to do is to identify the root cause — figure out what is it you are trying to achieve and what’s stopping you. Is it a fear that what you want might not happen? Most of us are scared of the end results which hinders productivity. This is definitely the main reason we tend to put these tasks off for some time, thinking we can get it done later when the feeling of anxiety subsides. For most people, feeling like they are not good or able enough to do the task at hand is the culprit behind their procrastination.

Promise To Treat Yourself Later

Rewarding yourself later can often help in shifting the mood. If the prospect of doing something makes you anxious, you need to appease your anxiety to avoid delaying projects. More often than not, this is what leads us to do the things we would rather do than the work at hand — lying down for a while, watching TV, or checking social media updates. So, from now on, promise yourself that once the work is done, you can watch one episode of your favorite TV show or whatever floats your boat. Rewarding yourself can make the whole task interesting and more fun to do.

Don’t Hold On To Age-Old Beliefs

We grow up believing a lot of things that society dumps on us. Some of these might not be even true or relevant in today’s age. But since they have been embedded in our minds since our childhood, it is tough for us to let them go. We are pre-conditioned to believe that work is going to be like what our parents or grandparents have told us based on their experiences or ideals, but what they went through is almost always different from the current status quo. We shouldn’t let these stop us from moving forward and completing our tasks. Think of what works for you and use that to fuel your motivation to prevent procrastination from taking over your life.

Try To Shift Your Thoughts

Our thought process affects our actions deeply. It often determines the outcome of the task, too. So, don’t get trapped in thoughts like “It’s too hard for me”, “I am never good enough for this kind of work”, “I will never get this done in time”. Instead of dwelling on negativity, try to welcome positive thinking like, “This is hard, but I can take this challenge as the rewards are lucrative”, “There is no harm in trying before giving up”, “It might not be easy for anyone, so I can give it a shot, too”. Believing in yourself and having a lot of confidence usually works well. If you succumb to procrastination even before you have touched the task, then you have been defeated already. Never let negativity win!

Remind Yourself That You Might Regret It Later

When you procrastinate tasks, your to-do list grows longer which can lead you to feeling overwhelmed. You wouldn’t want that, would you? There really is no short-cut to the finish line — the best thing to do is to start and while you’ll find yourself facing obstacles and challenges along the way, there’s no need to be scared of them. Handle these in a calm, composed manner and look for a solution instead of panicking. When you procrastinate, these problems will not disappear by themselves, and you’ll only end up wallowing in regret later on. So tackle that to-do list one task at a time!

Procrastinating not only takes up your valuable time but also kills your productivity. Hopefully, these will help you face your tasks head-on and finish them ahead of time! Good luck!

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