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Five Rules That Will Help You Establish Camaraderie At Work

Aside from our house or apartment, the majority of us spend most of our lives inside our workplace, completing projects and socializing with co-workers. Some people would advise against making friends at work probably because of the competitive nature of most jobs. However, since you spend a lot of time with your colleagues, isn’t it normal to share your everyday life with them? After all, you go out for lunch together, you take coffee breaks together, and then in times of emergency, you help each other, too. Times are changing, and so are workplace ethics. Making friends at work is no longer a taboo. If you are just starting somewhere or you are thinking about how you can make good friends at work, this article is just for you. Read on!

Don’t Have A Specific Group To Hang Out With

If you form your own group and hang out with only a few people, you are actually alienating the rest of your co-workers. Instead, try to be friendly with everyone. It is okay to have your own group, but once in a while, break the routine and hang out with other people from other departments, too. Invite people to have coffee with you or go out for lunch and make new friends. That way, if you ever need a favor for them, you know that all your co-workers will be more than happy to lend their hands.

Help Each Other

All your colleagues come from different walks of life with various backgrounds. Some of them might not be able to make time and hang out with you when you go for after-work drinks or that much-needed coffee break in the middle of the day. Instead of blaming them and keeping them out of your group, try to include them any way you can. Make adjustments so that they can join you. For example, if they are on a vegan diet, offer to go to a vegan place for lunch; if they are not okay with drinks, go for coffee instead or if they can’t stay out late because of their kids, do an early evening.  Just be considerate instead of being judgemental.

Don’t Try To Be Someone Else

While it is great to try and be friends with your co-worker, but don’t try to be someone else while you are at it. If you pretend to be someone you’re not, your co-workers will most likely distrust you if they find out that you’re not who you say you are. Instead, whatever you do, it is best to just be yourself. Even if you are an introvert and more comfortable engaging in one on one conversations, you can befriend other people one at a time. The pace will be slow but you can achieve it nevertheless. It also means that you might not like a few people at your workplace. Instead of pretending to be friendly with them, just be polite. It won’t be difficult to find people who would always like you for who you are.

Don’t Think This Can Happen Overnight

Building relationships do take time. Don’t think this can happen very fast. It will take time and you need to be patient about it. Also if you rush it, your desperation will be in full view. So hold your horses and think well before inviting them all to your birthday bash! At the same time, if you have not made any friends even after a few months of going at it, then make sure that you are not spending most of your time sitting at your desk with your headphones on. Whatever you do, make sure you establish yourself as an invaluable asset for your company. Work hard, and have a strong foothold in the office first. This is the first rule to make people notice you and like you. Be helpful and polite. That can never go wrong.

Don’t Try To Befriend The Boss

There is nothing wrong in trying to be friends with your boss, but you need to remember that your boss will always be more superior than you who would need to review your work. You should try to make them respect you for the work you do. Also, it is important to remember that you need to choose the topics you would be comfortable discussing with them.

However, as we all know, when you are trying to be friends with others, there is no rulebook. However, following these tips will make sure you are on the right path.

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